This phrase is juicy, right here; we are all MYSTICS IN THE MAKING! And rather than judge who is more enlightened or more blissful or more evolved blah blah blah, let’s just take a leap and say that in our opinion, that is the track we are on as human beings. We encompass so much!

We Rock Mystics want to have our cake and eat it, too, meaning we want all the love, all the joy, all the wildness and the ROCKNROLL and all the humanness-translate those italics to all the difficult, awkward, icky “negative” aspects of us. That might be considered rocknroll, too. ‘It’s only mystic rocknroll, but we like it.’ The zing of this phrase drives us to explore and examine all the tools we need to become “Rock Mystics.” These are the type of thoughts that spark our brains and our hearts and all the parts of ourselves yet undiscovered! We’ ll make this journey together.


He’s not a punk!! Jk about that!!

Sometimes I wake up, force myself out of bed, grumpy already, “Hey, maybe I’ll be okay…..” and then bam! the short spiral down begins. #urrgghh. How do I “get ahead of it” as the Abraham Hicks people talk about? How do I get myself centered, relaxed, happy before the day-to-day s### sets in? I sooooooo want to have an amazing day…..I’m DYING for it…..will I leave it up to chance?….it’s so important to me to feel good enough to get going with my life’s purpose and all the things I wish to manifest…..all the music I want to make….all the videos I want to create!

How to I FORTIFY MYSELF with enough to GLOW with enough good vibes, to attract good things? To expect good things?? How do I feel my way into….talk myself up….calm myself down….motivate myself to BE myself, uniquely, in the best mood possible each day?

I want to be a person with enough good vibes so they radiate out from me in all directions and I have a sort of force field of goodness around me because, listen, friends, if I don’t take my time in the morning, I usually only have a minimal amount, a flimsy amount, of confident, happy, unique ME energy built up- so little sometimes that can barely withstand another’s bad mood or a harsh word from a stranger or a coffee spill on my blouse. Very often I become so angsty and by 11am I am complaining about a stomach ache or a head ache or some other weird physical ailment. Maybe I am just f##@@ up, but……

This is what I learned from Spencer: an extremely bright, thoughtful, sometimes reserved and very loving boy I know. He loves hammy humor a la The Muppet Movie and is a huge Star Trek fan. Every morning Spence wakes up and STAYS IN BED A BIT. He stays comfy. He reads his favorite book. He thinks about what’s ahead of him that day that he’s excited about. He does his own thing before he enters the chaotic world of his three very active, very individual, sometimes competitive and overpowering siblings. I call it “Spencer Time”.

Of course, with perfect synchronicity, the day after witnessed Spencer’s tricksey, I got an Abraham Hicks video in my YouTube feed advising us all to STAY IN BED AND GET INTO A COZY, HAPPY PLACE FIRST THING SO WE CAN GET A MOMENTUM GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

Geez, sometimes kids are brilliant.


There is such value in making yourself good and happy before you ever leave your bedroom, your cozy coffee time table or your shower! The more you are in a bad mood, the more bad stuff happens and the more you are in a good mood, the more good stuff happens. This is law of attraction talk, right here. It’s “The Secret” stuff. It’s Abraham Hicks’ Law of Attraction from my POV. It can get very esoteric, this talk, but first things first, as in first thing in the AM.

Here’s what I might do: Listen to new agey meditations on YouTube. Watch videos of huskies romping around or a talking cat. Listen to my favorite Marco Polo video from a good friend. Listen to success subliminals. Take a hot shower with the lights off. Write down what I’m feeling and then what I want the day to be like, in the most positive light I can think of. Sometimes it’s fun to make lists or I might read a book or savor my favorite song.

So, now……….what will YOU do?? Cuz you should try it. You really should.




It’s 3am…..it’s the hour of the wolf….and you’ve got a thought knockin’ around in your head and it won’t stop. It’s persistent, it’s pushy, it wants your face time, BAD. “Hey, heeeeey!!!! Look at me!!! Pay attention to ME!!!!” The more you try to ignore it the stronger it comes rushing back. Urghh!! Or maybe you’re at the bus stop and a sneaky thought peeps in and out every time you look around at all the folks waiting for the bus beside you. It tries to tip toe in, and before you even realize it, it’s taken over. Or it could be that every time you go to the beauty salon the “thought” is more like a blob of a feeling, dragging along with you like a heavy, wet coat and you feel just terrible.

Okay, friends, I have an idea for you. This is a tool I’ve used so many times with these particular breeds of thought-feelings that I can’t remember now all the thought-feelings I have managed to turn around!

Grab a notebook with two empty pages you can open up to like this- where is the emoji for an open book- oh, here it is: 📖 . Grab a pen or pencil or colored markers and get yourself to a private place. It could even be a closet-it’s so loud around here sometimes that’s where I go.

Now, on one side of the notebook write everything down you can think of about this repetitive thought you have: When does it visit? Where are you when it visits? How does it approach? Stealthy…..sneaky….straightforward? Sweetly…suggestively…sourly…surly? How does it make you feel at first? How does it make you feel after a while? What words describe it? What images does it bring up.? Colors, sounds, curse words, catastrophes- write down whatever comes to you. Give it a fuller name, if you like. If words are not your things draw images, pick colors for it….anything that gets you in, around, and upside down this thing!

Don’t censor yourself. And omg don’t judge yourself!! Come on, friends!! This thought WANTS to be seen and acknowledged and it has valuable information for you. Be compassionate with yourself. It’s a part of you- you see where I am headed with this? Give it all the attention it requires.

Once the left hand side of the page is done, examine it. Roll it around your brain until you feel a sense of relief. You probably will feel relief because that thing may have been perceived as negative, but it needed to tell you something and you have allowed it to speak, finally. My band has a song about this. It’s called “The Toad’s Mouth”; it’s about all the gems that come from inside you even if they are regurgitated from within a warty toad. You just need to practice listening:

“She wakes, she walks, she waits in silence. She’s listening for the next gem to drop, the next rose from the toad’s mouth. She’s watching for the next bit to spit, the next rose from the gut of the frog”

Ok. Now, on the right hand side of the notebook, write what you you would like to think or feel instead. For example, if you are feeling paranoid at that bus stop and start to get worried that people are out to get you or that they are looking at you sideways, the reverse or positive aspect might be something like: “ I’m totally safe at the bus stop.. If someone does have a bad intention, I’ll be able to see it coming and protect myself.” or “I am confident here at this bus stop and nobody’s looking at me because they’re too busy with their own stuff.” Let me admit now that I was that person at the bus stop and I did feel all this. I called it my “embattlement” program.

Now you can either tell your self a few times that what you have on the left side is what you want to change and what you have on the right side is what you’ll be keeping or you can cross out what’s on the left and circle what’s on the right or you can fold up the left page, say “thanks” and throw it away and keep the right page in the book. You choose.

For me, for a little while after I use the tool, the idea/thought/feeling will pop in and out- you might feel ping ponged back and forth from the old way to the new way and back. That’s perfectly fine. Eventually, the new idea will take root and grow and viola! Your brain is reprogrammed. You might even forget that you ever used the tool, you’ll be 100% living in the new way!

Try it. Try it!! Don’t poo poo it, just begin.



Hello Friends!!!

I am Tanz. I am a poet, lyricist, song writer and recording artist. When thinking of what I have to give, what is valuable to share with you, I kept coming up with this: every single subject that I am psyched to write about is coming hard and fast as train-of-thought, first person POV smash up of me as a ridiculous, making-mistakes-constantly,  hilarious and fallible human being AND me as an actual mystic in the making, constantly pondering these type of things: how can a person integrate spiritual stuff into their lives?? What are the tools we need to do that?? Why do we even do what we do?? What are the feelings that come up when we think about all that is in the big, big UNKNOWN?? Get ready for made up words and grammar mistakes, run on sentences and too many exclamation points. That’s just me.

When my bandmates write posts, their feel will be different. Amos might go big and mentally consruct and then deconstruct a spiritual idea but also get very trippy. Paul Alexandre may tackle musical subjects with subtlety and grace and relate them to visual art and remain grounded all the while.

Every post will be geared towards how we are real human beings struggling to understand just how to integrate big spiritual/ mystical deep as f$%$ concepts into life……how to remain in a high creative flow….writing lyrics and music and poetry…..having actual mystical experiences……BUT still very much laughable human beings. It’s like the music that we create together: deep but relatable and catchy, too.

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