This phrase is juicy, right here; we are all MYSTICS IN THE MAKING! And rather than judge who is more enlightened or more blissful or more evolved blah blah blah, let’s just take a leap and say that in our opinion, that is the track we are on as human beings. We encompass so much!

We Rock Mystics want to have our cake and eat it, too, meaning we want all the love, all the joy, all the wildness and the ROCKNROLL and all the humanness-translate those italics to all the difficult, awkward, icky “negative” aspects of us. That might be considered rocknroll, too. ‘It’s only mystic rocknroll, but we like it.’ The zing of this phrase drives us to explore and examine all the tools we need to become “Rock Mystics.” These are the type of thoughts that spark our brains and our hearts and all the parts of ourselves yet undiscovered! We’ ll make this journey together.

Published by mysticalrock

We are musicians & music video makers living in Brooklyn, NY. We are, for various reasons, in a trippy state, a high creative state or pondering the big mystical things in life AND we are real up-and-down human beings, having struggles and making mistakes. We want to share!! LOVE, POETRY, MUSIC, CREATIVITY, SPIRITUALITY, MYSTICISM, MYSTERY, HUMANITY, LAUGHTER, COMPASSION, SELF-HELP, GROWTH, GOD, SELF

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